Ransel Eiger 1150 Harga Luar Binasa

Ransel Eiger 1150 Harga Luar Binasa

Kode Barang : 1150 
Berat Pengiriman : 4kg
Dimension: 88 x 35 x 34 cm
Fabrics: Polyester 500D, Polyester 1000D
Volume: 70+5L
- Top loaded with 2 back top pocket with rain cover accessed
- Front pocket with zipper
- 2 Side pocket
- Ice axe strap
- Sleeping bag compartment with zipper access to main compartment and additional front loaded compartment
- 4 Side straps adjuster
- 2 Strong handles with 50mm Nylon Webbing
Technology: Eiger Ergo Dyno Back System with U Frame & Ergonomic Flexy Accessed Shoulder Straps
Colors: Red black, Granite black, Army black
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